There are a lot of current, retired,
or former police officers turned
authors who have their own
websites, but those sites are not
easily found unless you know
where to look for them.

I've found nearly 150 of
those websites, and I've
linked them here at
Personal and
Professional Websites
Kathy Albrecht  
Blood Hounds and Scent Evidence
Michael Berish
The Naked City
Bill Chipman  
Mediation and Conflict Resolution
Bob Delaney  
Proactive Approach Needed to Fight
John Foxjohn  
How to Solve the Perfect Crime
Marshall Frank  
Going After The Cops
Steve Hodel  
Some Old School Thoughts
Chuck Klein  
American Police Ethics
Richard Nable
Training to Fail "The Mag Flick"
Steve Newton
So You Want to be a Police Officer
John Perkins
When All Else Fails
T. R. Shannon
Cow County CHIP
David Ziskin
Look For The Monster
Police Authors
Articles Contributed by
Police Authors

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