How to Solve
the Perfect Crime
by John Foxjohn
John Foxjohn spent ten years working as a police
officer before quitting to fulfill a promise he made to
his dying mother that he would go to college.

He never solved the perfect crime or near perfect
since they don’t actually exist, but his experience as
a former police officer helped pave the way for the
murder mysteries he’s written—including one voted
by readers as the best in the world.

However, Foxjohn’s law enforcement experience
would play an even bigger role in the preparations
for writing his huge true crime—Killer Nurse—the
story of Kimberly Clark Saenz, a DaVita nurse
accused of harming and murdering patients. At first
blush, the story seems to be about another killer
health care provider. It turned out to be anything

Before Kimberly Clark Saenz, no one had ever in
history been accused, charged, and convicted of
murdering people with bleach.

Foxjohn is the first to say that writing about it was
a lot easier than investigating it.  There’s an old
saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” As it
turns out it takes many people in a police
department to convict someone of a near perfect
string of murders, and that is exactly what the
Saenz case turned out to be.

The Lufkin Police Department had her for
aggravated assault and knew it. After all, two
witnesses saw her inject patients with bleach, and
the physical evidence backed up what the witnesses
said. These patients actually lived, but others had
died. But that is where the village came in. If it
hadn't been for a young female CSI tech who went
way beyond what she was supposed to do, and
found a critical piece of evidence that she normally
wouldn’t have found, the likelihood is Saenz would
have never been investigated for the murders she

This was just one aspect of the extraordinary
efforts that had to take place to convict her. Bleach
is devastating and causes excruciating pain, but
once it touches blood, it instantly attaches itself to
all the components in the blood and becomes
virtually impossible to detect.

Also, as the lead investigator found out, there is
not a forensics lab in the world that could help.
However, working closely with the District Attorney,
they broke new ground with a lab in the U.S. they
thought might be able to help. That lab belonged to
the FDA—Food and Drug Administration. Another
agency that proved invaluable was the CDC—Center
for Disease Control.

With the help of these agencies, plus the
U.S. Attorney’s office, and because of the efforts of
the people who saw a huge problem but refused to
let a serial killer walk, Kimberly Clark Saenz is
behind bars for the rest of her life where she
Police Author
John Foxjohn
Viet Nam
Army Airborne
Retired teacher and coach - John Foxjohn is now
a multi-published author who is extremely
excited about his two new books.  Paradox - his
first romantic suspense, and Killer Nurse - the
true story of convicted serial killer Kimberly
Clark Saenz, the Texas nurse who killed and
injured patients by injecting them with bleach.
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