Steve Albrecht - San Diego Police
Department - Dr. Steve Albrecht is
internationally-known for his consulting and
training work in workplace violence prevention
training programs, school violence prevention,
and high-risk human resources.
Claude J. Anderson - Los Angeles County
Sheriff Department - Author of
The Training
and RadioCarToons.  The cartoons in
these books are "Loosely" based on the
"Firestone Station" located in South Central,
Los Angeles, California and depict the
humorous side of street patrol.
Johnny Barnes - Rochester Police Depart-
ment - Johnny Barnes sang and played guitar
in all of the famous nightclubs in greater
Boston with many Rock & Roll legends,
producing and releasing a dozen records.  In
1991 Barnes became a full time police patrol
officer, FBI trained hostage negotiator, and
Michael Berish - Miami Police Department -
Michael worked as a patrolman, detective, and
supervisor with the City of Miami Police
Department for twenty-two years; thirteen of
which were spent as an undercover detective
in the REAL Miami Vice.
Michael A. Black - Matteson Police
Department Michael A. Black graduated from
Columbia College, Chicago in 2000 with a
Master of Fine Arts degree in Fiction Writing.
He previously earned a Bachelor of Arts
degree in English from Northern Illinois
Frank Borelli - Fairmount Heights Police
Department - In addition to his police and
military service, Frank began a writing career
in 1999, finalizing (or actually just beginning)
his third dream.
James O. Born - Florida Department of Law
Enforcement - Born has taken his career in law
enforcement and love of writing and blended it
into a new life as a novelist.  After advising
numerous writers and TV shows on realism,
Born spent years working on a novel of his
BJ Bourg - Lafourche Parish District Attorney’
s Office - Please step inside and have a look
around. You’ll find information about my law
enforcement career, my personal life, and,
obviously, my writing.
Robin Burcell - Lodi Police Department -
Robin Burcell spent nearly three decades
working in law enforcement as a police officer,
hostage negotiator and a detective.  Burcell is
the award-winning author of ten novels to date.
Will Beall - Los Angeles Police Department -
Will Beall is now a homicide detective in the
77th Division of the Los Angeles Police
Department, after years as a beat cop and an
anti-gang investigator.
Wayne Beyea - New York State Police -
Author Wayne E. Beyea completed a
twenty-five-year career in the New York State
Police as trooper, investigator, and senior
Joe "Bill" Bradley - Houston Police
Department - Joseph J. Bradley is the author
of four novels. His stories are fast paced
thrillers with twists and turns, endings that will
leave the reader mesmerized.
Kevin F. Branley - Cambridge Police
Department - Kevin F. Branley is the son of
immigrant parents from Ireland. He is one of
five children born in the Greater Boston area
where he still resides.  He received a Bachelor’
s Degree in Criminal Justice/Police Science
from Northeastern University.
Christopher J. Carlin - Niagara County
Sheriff's Department - The author, Christopher
Carlin is the Chief Deputy of Uniformed
Operations with the Niagara County Sheriff’s
Office, with more than 24 years of law
enforcement experience.
Dave Case - Chicago Police Department -
Dave is a Chicago police sergeant and author
Out of Cabrini, A Macbeth novel.
Victor Cass - Pasadena Police Department -
Victor has worked as an advertising art
director in New York, and is a decorated,
20-year veteran police officer.
Richard James Carlson - San Diego Police
Department - I joined the San Diego Police
Department July 11, 1969 and I am still working
there. I am assigned to the Special
Investigations Unit and part of a Federal Task
Force, The Violent Crimes Task Force.
Barry M. Baker - Baltimore Police Department
- You're already here.  Author of
Becoming a
Police Officer: An Insider's Guide to a Career
in Law Enforcement
and this website,
Loren W. Christensen - Portland Police
Bureau - Loren W. Christensen is a Vietnam
veteran, retired police officer, a martial artist
since 1965, and a prolific author of books and
magazine articles.  As a writer, Loren has
penned over 45 books and dozens of
magazine articles on a variety of subjects.
Police Authors
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Kathy "Kat" Albrecht - UC Santa Cruz Police
Department - Kathy "Kat" Albrecht is a former
police bloodhound handler, crime scene
investigator, search and rescue manager, and
police officer turned investigative pet detective.
Linda Teigland Clark - Santa Clara County
Sheriff's Office - Linda is the author of
a work of historic fiction
appealing to both young adult and mature
adult readers.
Lowen Clausen - Seattle Police Department -
Lowen was a Seattle Police Officer for thirteen
years before leaving the department and
becoming a business owner in the Ballard
neighborhood of Seattle. His experiences on
the police department and his on-going ties to
the Ballard community are reflected in his first
three novels.
Robert Cornuke - Costa Mesa Police
Department - Bob Cornuke--a former police
investigator and SWAT team member--is a
biblical investigator, international explorer and
author of nine books. He has participated in
over fifty expeditions around the world
searching for lost locations described in the
Sarah Cortez - Houston Police Department -
Sarah is a 19 year police veteran.  She is
currently a poet, editor, teacher and speaker.  
Her latest book is
Cold Blue Steel.
Bob Delaney - New Jersey State Police - Bob
Delaney’s riveting life story has been told by
HBO's Real Sports, ESPN and ABC, in dozens
of newspaper and magazine articles
throughout the United States and Europe and
now in his critically acclaimed book,
Covert: My
Years Infiltrating the Mob
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