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Massad Ayoob draws
from an additional three
decades of experience
to educate responsible
firearms owners about
the legal, ethical, and
practical use of firearms
in self defense--the
armed citizens' rules of
In a cop's world it's kill or
be killed, but the truth of
the matter is that a
shooting's aftermath is
often the most
dangerous time for the
cop. This unique life-
and career-saving
manual contains every
shred of critical
information the police
officer needs to survive
the media, investigations
and more.
Written by a cop-turned
university professor who
interviewed scores of
officers who have shot
people in the course of
their duties, Into the Kill
Zone presents firsthand
accounts of the role that
deadly force plays in
American police work. This
brilliantly written book tells
how novice officers are
trained to think about and
use the power they have
over life and death,
This best seller is widely
acclaimed by cops,
lawyers, and judges as the
ultimate guide to the use of
a gun's deadly force at the
ultimate level of self
protection. Numerous
lawyers have said that they
learned more about self
defense law from this book
than they did in law school.
This book prepares you to
protect you and yours
against criminal violence
without being crucified in
If you're like most people,
your preparations still lack
a critical element. You still
need to know how to
survive the critical fight
that looms after any
defensive encounter: the
legal battle. The Law of
Self Defense provides
precisely that critical,
missing knowledge.
As a handgun owner, you
owe it to yourself to stay
informed and educated
about changes in
concealed carry laws and
personal defense
hardware. Gun Digest
Book of Concealed Carry
2nd Edition helps you do
exactly that.