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Ethical clarity is especially
critical for the police
professional - perhaps
uniquely so - because the
ethical point of view
determines the way "police
competence" is
understood. In addition to
the Law Enforcement Code
of Ethics, the book
promotes an "ethic to live
by" for officers, and
applies various schools of
ethical thought to practical
examples in policing.
The noble cause ― a
commitment to "doing
something about bad
people" ― is a central
"ends-based" police ethic
that can be corrupted
when officers violate the
law on behalf of personally
held moral values. This
book is about the power
that police use to do their
work and how it can
corrupt police at the
individual and
organizational levels.
The Ethical Warrior
concept was developed
and is practiced by the
United States Marine
Corps. It is transmitted to
the Marines through the
Marine Corps Martial Arts
Program (MCMAP). The
concept has been adapted
for Law Enforcement and
is referred to as the Ethical
Protector concept.
Since the first edition was
published in 1989,
Character and Cops has
been considered the bible
of police ethics training.
The book is a
comprehensive guide to
the ethical challenges
faced daily by police
officers, especially in times
of heightened security.