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Dr. Ellen Kirschman, a
psychologist who's worked
with police officers for
more than 30 years, gives
you practical ways to deal
with the challenges that
come with the territory.
Packed with stories from
cops and their significant
others, this book explains
how to reduce spillover
from on-the-job stress and
cope with loneliness or
worry during extended
Melissa Littles, Founder of
The Police Wife Life, is an
advocate for Law
Enforcement Officers and
their families. Bullets in the
Washing Machine, her first
release, is a compilation of
short stories and poems,
focusing on seeing the
positives through the daily
struggles of living a life in
Law Enforcement.
A CHiP on my Shoulder:
How to Love Your Cop with
Attitude provides true
stories from several
marriages, positive
thoughts and proven
principles on how to make
a law enforcement
marriage not only survive
its difficulties, but thrive in
the midst of them.
Law enforcement wives
from across North America
share communal advice,
wisdom, experience,
insight and laughter with
fellow LEO wives. We offer
a peek into our world, "the
heart of the badge," to our
husbands, families, friends
and neighbors. *** To
further the mission of the
book, author proceeds are
donated to police related
Each topic is inspired by a
down-to-earth devotion
reminding us that only
through our Heavenly
Father can we find peace
in the midst of chaos;
purpose in the eye of
worldly indifference. Kristi
covers the hot-button
issues you're sure to face
and gives you the tools to
navigate in uncertain times.