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The FBI Career Guide
spells out exactly what the
Bureau is looking for in
Special Agent candidates,
and how to maximize your
chances of being selected
from the huge applicant
pool. Joe Koletar, whose
own blue-ribbon career at
the Bureau is second to
none, shows how to get the
job-and how to thrive once
you've got it.
The FBI has fought against
terrorists, spies, anyone it
deemed subversive—and
sometimes American
presidents. The FBI’s
secret intelligence and
surveillance techniques
have created a tug-of-war
between national security
and civil liberties. It is a
tension that strains the very
fabric of a free republic.
True stories, told and
written by the current and
retired former Special
Agents of the Federal
Bureau of Investigation
(FBI). This book is
dedicated to the three FBI
Special Agents that were
killed on August 9, 1979,
and their families, as well as
33 other FBI Special Agents
who died as a direct result
of an adversarial action
throughout the FBI's history
to date.
The Secrets of the FBI by
New York Times bestselling
author Ronald Kessler
reveals the FBI’s most
closely guarded secrets
and the secrets of
celebrities, politicians, and
movie stars uncovered by
agents during their
Candice DeLong traces the
unusual career path that
led her to crime fighting,
and recounts the incredible
obstacles she faced as a
woman and as a fledgling
agent. She takes readers
step by step through the
profiling process and shows
how she helped solve a
number of incredible cases.
Discover the classic,
chronicle of John E.
Douglas’ twenty-five-year
career in the FBI
Investigative Support Unit,
where he used
psychological profiling to
delve into the minds of the
country’s most notorious
serial killers and criminals—
the basis for the upcoming
Netflix original series.