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This innovative new book
offers what every candidate
preparing for the Border
Patrol Exam is looking for --
powerful practice. This study
program, packed with EIGHT
full-length practice tests (the
most exams available on the
market) based on official
test specifications, offers the
comprehensive preparation
needed to succeed on the
exam and secure a job as a
border patrol agent.
Master the U.S. Border
Patrol Exam is the most
complete guide providing all
the tools you need to
successfully navigate the
requirements of becoming a
U.S. Border Patrol Agent.
Improve your score on the
U.S. Border Patrol Test with
Peterson's well-known test
taking tips and
comprehensive practice
Launch an exciting career
and serve your country by
becoming a U.S.
government special agent.
This one-stop test-prep
guide tells you everything
you need to know to
prepare for your exam, with
step-by-step tips on finding
and applying for openings
as a federal law
enforcement officer.
Master the Civil Service
Exams provides the math,
verbal, and clerical
exercises you need to pass
your civil service exam, plus
4 full-length sample tests
with detailed answer
explanations to help you
hone your skills. Build your
confidence by following the
expert tips and strategies
outlined in the book, and
get the inside scoop on the
civil service job market.
Kaplan Civil Service Exams,
Second Edition helps
government employment
applicants master the
material they need to
succeed. Applicants are
required to take and pass a
comprehensive civil service
exam, including people
interested in specific
government careers such
as law enforcement, clerical
work, air traffic control, as
well as the majority of
postal jobs.
The purpose of this
preparation guide is to help
you prepare to take the
Special Agent Entrance
Exam (SAEE). This guide
will familiarize you with the
sections of the SAEE and
provide you with sample
test questions and
explanations for the correct
answers to these questions.
The preparation guide is
organized into three