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When his Army Air Forces
bomber crashed into the
Pacific Ocean, against all
odds, Zamperini survived,
adrift on a foundering life
raft. Ahead of Zamperini lay
thousands of miles of open
ocean, leaping sharks,
thirst and starvation, enemy
aircraft, and, beyond, a trial
even greater.
From 1999 to 2009, U.S.
Navy SEAL Chris Kyle
recorded the most career
sniper kills in United States
military history. His fellow
American warriors, whom
he protected with deadly
precision from rooftops and
stealth positions during the
Iraq War, called him “The
Legend”; meanwhile, the
enemy feared him so much
they named him al-Shaitan
(“the devil”).
One of the most critical
battles of the Afghan War is
now revealed as never
before. Lions of Kandahar
is an inside account from
the unique perspective of
an active-duty U.S. Army
Special Forces commander,
an unparalled warrior with
multiple deployments to the
theater who has only
recently returned from
combat there.
Acclaimed for its vivid,
poignant, and honest
recreation of sixteen brutal
months of nearly
continuous battle in the
deadly Hindu Kesh, Outlaw
Platoon is a Band of
Brothers or We Were
Soldiers Once and Young
for the early 21st century—
an action-packed, highly
emotional true story of
enormous sacrifice and
Author Barbara Schading
decodes all things military
for you. She discusses
each branch—Army, Navy,
Marines, Air Force, and the
Coast Guard—in simple
terms you can understand.
You'll get the background
information, an easy-to-
read chart showing rank
and insignia, and an
explanation of the
organization of each branch.
When Navy SEAL Adam
Brown woke up on March
17, 2010, he didn’t know he
would die that night in the
Hindu Kush Mountains of
Afghanistan—but he was
ready. In a letter to his
children, not meant to be
seen unless the worst
happened, he wrote, “I’m
not afraid of anything that
might happen to me on this
earth, because I know no
matter what, nothing can
take my spirit from me.”