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San Diego Police Officer
Steve Albrecht advises
fellow officers of proactive
measures they can take on
a routine basis to improve
their odds of going home in
one piece. Whatever the
challenge at hand, be it
handcuffing noncompliant
suspects, preventing
suspect escapes, surviving
group attacks, fighting on
the ground, dodging
bullets, protecting homicide
scenes or dealing with the
The industry standard for
21st-century policing,
"Police Field Operations" is
written from the perspective
of a working police officer,
presenting real-life
scenarios an officer is likely
to encounter while on-duty.
With its focus on community
policing, it describes how
and why certain procedures
are used, and gives
informative techniques from
leading police academies
from around the country.
Spans everything from
tactics for shooting on the
move, surviving low-light
armed encounters, clearing
a variety of buildings and
safely handling domestic
disputes to controlling the
emotional elements of law
enforcement work, mentally
preparing for a
life-and-death confrontation
and surviving an
unexpected off-duty
General orientation for
survival, and details the
specifics the intelligent
police professional must
master in order to survive
the many types of
potentially risky situations
he will be exposed to over a
career. The book details
everything from searching a
prisoner to searching a
building; arresting a
300-pound outlaw biker or
a surly teenager.
policing strategy which is
designed to conduct
on-going active patrols of
Police District
(neighborhood) crime hot
spots. This book explains
and examines a very
successful policing