Police Stories
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After September 11, 2001,
Las Vegas Police Sergeant
Randy Sutton began
soliciting writing from law
enforcement officers-his
goal being to bridge the
gap between the police and
those they serve, with a
book that offers a broad
and thoughtful look at the
many facets of police life.
Hundreds of active and
former officers from all over
the United States
The creators of the
Emmy Award-winning
television series recount
the stories on which the
gritty, realistic series has
been based and others
that were too
controversial even for
NYPD Blue.
A collection of dramatic
tales culled from the
author's twenty-year career
as a police officer includes
his observations of fellow
officers, his struggles with
depression, and the
numerous cases that
shaped his moral
Mob Cop details the decline
of tra­ditional organized
crime in the United States,
and reveals information
about the inner workings of
the Outfit that has never
been publicly released.
Fred Pascente’s col­orful
stories of crooked cops and
danger­ous criminals make
his memoir a matchless tell-
the Life of a New York City
Cop captures the humanity,
the absurdity, and the dark
humor of police work, as
well as the bravery of those
who do it. These stories will
speak to those nostalgic for
the New York City of the
1980s and ’90s, a bygone
era when the city was a
crazier, more dangerous
(and possibly more
interesting) place.
Cop Without a Badge
tracks confidential
informant Kevin Maher as
he helps the NYPD, the FBI,
and many other law
enforcement agencies
solve cases that range from
robbery to extortion to
homicide. In the process,
Kevin becomes the highest
paid CI the DEA ever had.
Cops are the people who
see and hear it all. They
work at one of the world's
most dangerous jobs, but
it's also one of the most
entertaining. When their
lives are at risk-and even
when they aren't--cops
encounter constant
weirdness and stupidity
in human behavior.