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For courses in criminal justice,
report writing, basic writing skills,
and law enforcement training
programs.User-friendly and highly
relevant to the field, this text takes
students through the process of
police report writing while using
tangible explanations, examples,
and exercises geared specifically
to law enforcement interests.
Provides practical advice
on report writing―with
specific writing samples
and guidelines for law
enforcement, security,
corrections and
probation personnel that
is organized into three
sections: The Nature of
Report Writing, The
Mechanics of Report
Writing, and the
Modernization of Report
WRITING is your ticket to
effective writing skills and
greater success in the
criminal justice field!
Illustrating each of the
'Four Pillars' of a
well-written report--Clear,
Concise, Complete, and
Accurate--  examples as
well as stories from the
authors' own experience,
and exercises to improve
report writing skills.
Report It In Writing, 6E is a
comprehensive guide to
effective report writing for
all law enforcement and
public safety professionals.
Organized in an
easy-to-follow A to Z
format, it covers both
report writing elements and
basic writing skills, as well
as the interpersonal skills
that are indispensable to
effective information
Interesting and easy-to-read,
it provides hundreds of
examples that show easier
and better ways to write
without any spelling or
grammar lessons. It is
valuable as a supplemental
reader for investigations or
police communications
courses. Students will devour
this book and gain an
incredible understanding of
the impact report writing has
on the complex issues
surrounding a case.
They might be boring but
reports can make or break
cases and even careers! How
solid are yours? In this
easy-to-read and (believe it or
not!) enjoyable report-writing
guide, expert Tampa PD
Academy writing instructor
Kimberly Clark teaches you to
get reports flowing easily and
in the right direction.