Secret Service
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As in a play, presidents,
vice presidents, and
presidential candidates
perform on stage for the
public and the media. What
the nation’s leaders are
really like and what goes on
behind the scenes remains
hidden. Secret Service
agents have a front row
seat on their private lives
and those of their wives
and children.
Never before has a
journalist penetrated the
wall of secrecy that
surrounds the U.S. Secret
Service, that elite corps of
agents who pledge to take
a bullet to protect the
president and his family.
Kessler portrays the
dangers that agents face
and how they carry out their
missions--from how they
are trained to how they spot
and assess potential
New York Times bestseller,
Life Inside the Bubble is an
intimate look at life inside
the presidential “bubble,” a
haze of staffers,
consultants, cronies,
acolytes, bureaucrats and
lobbyists that creates the
“alternate reality” in which
monumental policy
decisions are made.
Secret Service reveals
clever, practical ideas that
can be transformed into
repeatable best practices in
any organization and at
every level. Packed with
examples applicable to a
wide range of industries,
this book provides practical,
realistic ways to turn
customer complaints into
positive experiences *
Within Arm's Length is the
essential book on the
United States Secret
Service. This revealing and
compelling inside look at
the Presidential Protective
Division, along with
spellbinding stories from
the author's career, gives
the reader an
unprecedented look in to
the life and career of an
agent in America's most
elite law enforcement
Up-to-date and explosive,
this book assails the public
image of the Secret Service
as a highly professional
apolitical organization,
exposing the
often-detrimental influence
that politics exerts on the
Joseph Petro provides an
original and fascinating
perspective of the Secret
Service, the inner workings
of the White House and a
little seen view of world
leaders, as a man who
stood next to history.