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Based on surveys with
over 500 officers, this
book examines police
officer stress from all
angles. It takes an
objective view and looks
at occupational stress, on
the job stress, critical
incident stress, and stress
produced from the police
organizational structure.  
Jimmy Bremner's true story
of strength and courage as
a SWAT officer who fought
to overcome Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder,
including how his
experiences are reflected in
the award winning police
drama Flashpoint.
Nightmares, flashbacks,
anger, concentration
problems, emotional
detachment, avoidance of
people and places... These
are some of the signs of
PTSD. As many as one in
three cops may suffer from
PTSD, a condition that
could lead to depression,
suicidal thoughts,
addictions, eating disorders
as well as job and family
This is an incredibly
informative and
reader-friendly book about
a common debilitating
medical condition that goes
largely undiagnosed and
untreated. ADRENAL
FATIGUE: The 21st
Century Stress Syndrome is
a very empowering work
cram-packed with vital
information about a
condition that very likely
affects millions of people.
The primary purpose of this
book is therefore to focus
on these less known, less
talked about dangers in
policing. The mental
well-being, health, and
average life span of police
officers appear to be
affected by these factors.
Hence, the title dying for
the job reflects not so much
the danger on the street
but the hidden health
dangers associated with
Emotional survival for law
enforcement: A guide for
officers and their families
1st Printing Edition
10% Happier: How I Tamed
the Voice in My Head,
Reduced Stress Without
Losing My Edge, and
Found Self-Help That
Actually Works.