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Attack Proof presents a
proven personal
protection system, called
guided chaos, for
anticipating and fending
off even the most brutal
assaults. It's based on
the real-world
experiences and forensic
homicide research of a
former New York cop and
instructor for members of
the FBI, U.S. Marines and
air marshals, and
security personnel.
The average person needs
street and battle-tested
methods that can be
learned and mastered
quickly. That's where
Guided Chaos
comes in. GCC is the first
part of Guided Chaos and
is remarkably simple.
Mastering the basics is the
only way to shoot faster or
more accurately, and this
goal can be achieved only
with proper instruction and
critiques. This consolidated,
easy-to-read handbook
provides a base knowledge
that offers laymen and/or
professional operators the
references to
learn/maintain their skills
with their pistol, thus raising
their level of safety and
Using the scientific method
to systematically assess
current room entry
philosophies and
techniques employed by
police, Evaluating Police
Tactics offers suggestions
for examining the current
philosophies and
determining how patrol
officers can enter scenes of
ongoing violence, find the
shooter, and stop the killing
as safely and effectively as
This manual is packed
with practical lessons,
on-the-ground tricks,
training drills and
equipment suggestions
for the solo tracker on up
to a multiagency tracking
operation. Learn from a
30-year veteran how to
find and follow tracks
through any terrain;
assess the age of tracks;
relocate the trail after it's
gone missing; more...
The key to police officer
survival is doing the right
things, the right way, under
extreme stress, every time.
Tactical Perfection for
Street Cops teaches cops
the lifesaving value of
perfect repetition during
any field situation, stop,
radio call or encounter.
Police training expert Steve
Albrecht shares the secrets
of veteran cops who have
mastered streetwise ways
to handle situations.