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Morell illuminates new,
growing threats from
terrorist groups that, if
unaddressed, could
leave the country
vulnerable to attacks that
would dwarf 9/11 in
The Terrorism Lectures  
is a collection of timely
and engaging lessons
directly from the
classroom of terrorism
expert James J. F.
Forest. The book and
accompanying online
materials delve into the
history of terrorism, its
root causes, its many
forms and organizations,
as well as the frameworks
that analysts use to
determine the threats.
Bruce Hoffman's Inside
Terrorism has remained a
seminal work for
understanding the historical
evolution of terrorism and
the terrorist mindset. In this
revised edition of the
classic text, Hoffman
analyzes the new
adversaries, motivations,
and tactics of global
terrorism that have
emerged in recent years.
This authoritative work
provides an essential
perspective on terrorism by
offering a rare opportunity
for analysis and reflection
at a time of ongoing
violence, chilling threats,
and renewed reprisals. In it,
some of the best
international specialists
working on the subject
today examine terrorism's
long and complex history
from antiquity to the
present day.
Understanding Terrorism:
Challenges, Perspectives, and
Issues offers a
comprehensive exploration of
contemporary terrorism that
helps readers develop the
knowledge and skills they
need to critically assess
terrorism in general and
terrorist incidents.
Jay Sekulow, one of
America’s most influential
attorneys, closely examines
the rise of the terrorist
groups ISIS and Hamas.
For the readers of this
book, the motive behind
Islamic world activity will no
longer be a mystery. Each
action is obviously rooted in
the philosophy of Islam.
Now both the Christian and
the political world must
decide how to react to
Muhammad's revelation.