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With new exercises,
additional stretches, and
more of Frédéric Delavier’
s signature illustrations,
you’ll gain a whole new
understanding of how
muscles perform during
strength exercises. This
one-of-a-kind best-seller
combines the visual
detail of top anatomy
texts with the best of
strength training advice.
If you want to build muscle,
lose fat, and look great as
quickly as possible without
steroids, good genetics, or
wasting ridiculous amounts
of time in the gym and
money on
supplements...then you
want to read this book.
Strength Training is the
ultimate personal trainer.
With an emphasis on
clear demonstration of
optimum technique,
detailed outlines of the
muscles used, and
advice on avoiding
common pitfalls, Strength
Training provides the
maximum safeguard
against the danger of
injury, and helps you stay
at peak fitness.
The program demands
that women put down the
"Barbie" weights, step
away from the treadmill
and begin a strength and
conditioning regime for
the natural athlete in
every woman. The New
Rules of Lifting for
Women will change the
way women see fitness,
nutrition and their own
Weight Training For
Dummies makes it easy
to get started with weight
training by offering
trusted and
straightforward guidance
on the latest circuit and
resistance training, and
all-new information on
the highly popular
bodyweight and High
Intensity Interval Training
Just by sticking to the
natural exercise routines I’
ve included here can get
you into the best shape of
your life. What have you
got to lose? Whether you
want to reverse the aging
process, lose belly fat of
gain almost superhuman
strength these exercises,
from the comfort of your
own home, can get you
Starting Strength is the
most important method
available to learn the
most effective way to
train with barbells -- the
most important way to
improve your strength,
your health, and your life.