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Unlike other treatments of
the subject, Alt and Wells
show how women have
changed police work into a
more community-oriented
model of policing, reduced
police violence, served as a
strong force to promote a
more effective response to
domestic violence within
police departments, and
helped with
community-police relations.
Spanning 160 years,
History in Blue is the first
book to tell the riveting
story of the uphill struggle
for respect and recognition
sustained by women in the
modern police force.
Featuring rare photographs
and original interviews with
pioneering female officers,
this fascinating book
chronicles the ongoing fight
for equality in the world of
law enforcement.
Good Cop, Bad Daughter’s
Karen Lynch was raised by
a counter-culture tribe in
summer of love Haight-
Ashbury, where she was
taught to despise “The
Man.” But when the San
Francisco Police
Department was court
ordered to hire women, she
found herself compelled to
prove to the world that
women could cut it as cops.
What's it like to be a female
cop? Stripped of the
television stereotypes and
politically correct
whitewashing, this is the
on-the-record in their own
names accounting from
three generations of female
officers. Black, white,
lesbian, straight, feminist,
married, single. The only
thing they have in common
is the badge and gun.
Describes the
circumstances and
events which led to the
138 women law
enforcement officers who
died in the line of duty,
the identity of their
perpetrator(s), and the
deposition of the case,
with a biography and
photo of each officer and
their descendants.
Candice DeLong has been
called a real-life Clarice
Starling and a female
Donnie Brasco. She has
been on the front lines of
some of the FBIs most
gripping and memorable
cases, including being
chosen as one of the three
agents to carry out the
manhunt for the
Unabomber in Lincoln,
The critically acclaimed
memoirs of one female
police officer's sixteen-year
odyssey, beginning with
day one at the Police
Academy and spanning
assignments on Chicago's
West Side, one of the most
dangerous areas in the city.