The Police Policy Studies Council - A
Research-Based, Interdisciplinary,
Training and Consultation Corporation -
This is a really good site.  Use of force by
police officers is a big deal these days.  
The PPSC Staff Views section of this site
should be read by every person seriously
considering a police career.  Unlike many
law enforcement research sites where
theory outweighs the substance, the
PPSC Staff Views present use of force
issues logically and free of ambiguity.  
FindLaw:  Cases and Codes -
Reference for Legal Professionals - You
could spend hours on this site just
reading the criminal statutes from your
state.  I've linked you directly to cases
and codes.  Scroll down and click on the
state of your choice.  At the top of the
page, you'll see terms like criminal code;
state code, etc.  Click on the code and
then browse the page for the state's
criminal codes.  Some titles are obvious
criminal code.  Others aren't so
obvious, and some aren't even in
alphabetical order, but once you're there,
you'll find it very interesting.
PDI - Police Driving International -
The automobile... friend and foe:  During
my thirty-two years of operating police
vehicles, I can only recall one time when I
received any actual driver's training
beyond my original police academy
training.  It didn't amount to much.  As I
recall, the highlight was negotiating those
red street cones at a slow speed.  Annual
In-Service training classes would discuss
high speed pursuit and intervention
issues, but there was no driver's training
to prepare for those circumstances.  
Don't be fooled by all that chasing and
bumping you see on cable news.  Most
police departments don't train for those
situations, and most police departments
discourage you from engaging in chases
and interventions.  I strongly encourage
you to visit this site, because the way
you operate a police vehicle falls under
one of the five indispensable truths for a
successful police career... matters of life
and death.
Kristieslaw.org -   If you're going to be
a police officer, you must spend some
time at this site.  It's not very uplifting,
because it chronicles the deaths of a lot
of innocent men, women, and children
resulting from police vehicle pursuits.  It
discusses police department pursuit
policies, or the lack of policies... but,
don't get hung up on that part of it.  I
can't imagine how horrible it must be to
lose a loved one as a result of a police
vehicle pursuit.  I do know it wouldn't
make any difference to me whether it was
the bad guy's car, or the police car, that
killed my loved one.  The grief, and the
question, would be the same... "Why?"  
Police departments have been in a
dilemma for years regarding pursuit
policies, and they'll be in that same
dilemma for years to come.  I've got the
life and work experience to understand
every aspect of police pursuits, and I'm
still in a dilemma.  I do know this for
certain... it all comes down to you.  
You're going to be the police officer
behind the wheel of that police cruiser.  
Here's something else that's as certain as
the next sunrise... a pursuit is a lot
easier to start than it is to stop.
Corruption of Law Enforcement
Officers and Public Officials - This site
is a crash course on drugs.  As a police
officer, you'll definitely be a participant in
the drug war.  I've linked you directly
(above) to the page on corruption of law
enforcement officers.  The information for
each category is concise, interesting, and
the information sources are listed.
Case Law 4 cops - You're going to learn
that there aren't that many police officers
who fully understand why they do things
the way they do them... or... are
supposed to do them.  At
caselaw4cops.net, Lieutenant Ted Belling
provides you with summaries of case law
which you'll find more than applicable to
your duties as a police officer.  The site
also has some great articles by
Lieutenant Belling.  As this site grows, I
expect the list of articles to expand
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