Law Enforcement - Arrests - Counter Terrorism -
Equipment and Facilities; communications and
dispatching; forensic laboratories; less lethal
protective equipment - Investigations; crime
mapping; crime scene; task forces - Operations;
community policing; problem oriented policing -
Personnel; recruiting; stress training - Profiling -
Use of Force.
Justice System - Costs/Benefits; criminal record
systems; background checks; criminal history
records; sex offender registries - Deaths in
Custody - Expenditures and Employment -
Science/Technology; dna; forensics; information
systems and technology; less lethal technologies.
Courts - Case Processing; appeals; defendants;
defense services; dispositions; evidence;
prosecution; trials; witensses - Civil Justice - Court
Types; community courts; drug courts; family
courts; mental health courts; tribal courts -
Equipment/Technology - Facilities;Security -
Personnel - Pretrial Release and Services -
Sentencing and Sanctions; alternatives to
incarceration; death penalty; incarceration;
restitution; restorative justice.
Victims - Civil Remedies - Crisis
Intervention/Response - Faith Based - Financial
Recovery - Health and Mental Health - Homicide
Victims/Co-Survivors - Restorative Justice - Rights
and Services - Service Programs - Special
Populations; disabled; elderly; juveniles; military;
minorities; rural; tribal; women - Victimization.
Corrections - Capital Punishment -
Equipment/Technology; communication systems;
protective equipment - Facilities; community based
jails; prisons - Inmate Assistance; drug treatment;
education; faith based health; mental health -
Inmates/Offenders - Parole and Probation -
Personnel - Pretrial Detention and Supervision -
Recidivism - Reentry/Release.
Drugs - Drug Law Enforcement - Illegal
Substances; club drugs; cocaine; heroin; marijuana;
methamphetamine - Legal Substances; alcohol;
prescription drugs - Policy - Prevention and
Education - Substance Abuse Indicators - Testing -
Crime Prevention - Community Policing -
Community Responses - Faith Based - Risk Factors
- Self Protection - Weed and Seed Programs.
National Criminal
Justice Reference
This is an incredibly expansive site.  Whether you're
simply looking for information to aid you in your
career decisions, or you're doing research for a
school paper, the information available to you at
NCJRS is unlimited.

Every topic can be searched with keywords, and
every topic contains relevant questions for you to
search Q&A, or ask your own questions.  
Once you find, or ask your own question, you
simply click on "read more," and you'll be provided
with links to sites containing the information you're
requesting.  If you don't find an appropriate
response to a question you ask, you'll be prompted
to email your question to a specialist.

Additionally, you have access to numerous
publications in PDF format.  One source I've read
stated that NCJRS is probably the most extensive
single source for criminal justice information in the
world, and that's quite probably correct.
Juvenile Justice - Child Protection/ Health; child
abuse/ exploitation; drugs/underage drinking;
exposure to violence; health/mental health; missing
children - Corrections/Detention; aftercare/reentry;
alternatives; confinement - Delinquency Prevention;
community/faith involvement; mentoring;
risk/protective factors - Gender/Race/ Ethnicity;
american indians; females; minorities - Juvenile
Courts; sanctions; specialty courts; waiver/transfer
- Juvenile Delinquency; chronic offenders/
recidivism; gangs; offenders younger than 15; sex
offenders; violent offenders - Schools; bullying;
school safety; truancy - Victims; juvenile victims;
victims of juvenile offenders.

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Crime - Drug Crime; drug related crime;
manufacturing; possession; trafficking - Gang Crime
- Hate Crime - Organized Crime - Property Crime;
arson; burglary; electronic crime; fraud; identity
theft; larceny/theft; motor vehicle theft; white collar
crime - Public Order Offenses; alcohol related
offenses; driving under the influence; immigration
offenses; money laundering; prostitution; weapons
violations - Terrorism - Trafficking in Persons -
Violent Crime; assault; carjacking; domestic
violence; gun violence; homicide; kidnapping; rape
and sexual assault; robbery; stalking.