Whether a police department is big or
small, your assignment to the K9 Unit will
depend primarily upon the relationships
you form with members of that unit.  
Here's where the similarities between K9
units and other specialized units part.

When you're forming those relationships,
you never want to come across as a self
styled expert.  K9 training is just like a
lot of other things when it comes to the
philosophical and technical aspects.  
Those aspects regarding training will vary
among police departments.  One style of
doing things will not necessarily be better
than another.

In most police departments, your canine
partner will be your partner on a 24/7
basis.  He'll be a member of your family
where he'll interact with family members
much like any other family pet.  Of
course, he's not just a pet, he'll be a fully
functioning police officer just like you.  
The Ultimate Partner
Before I became a police officer, I had the
opportunity to observe the incredible
capabilities of police dogs and their
handlers.  So… when I became a police
officer in 1971, it was my fondest wish to
work with a K-9 partner.  Alas, that wish
would never be fulfilled.  In my case, the
timing and the politics never aligned, but
my inability to grab my top choice
assignment never diminished my awe of,
and appreciation for, K-9 cops.

I’m sure that some of you share the
same wish I had.  Some of you may
already be familiar with K-9’s, or you’re
looking for more insight.  Either way, I’ve
found two great books on the subject.
Police Dog Home Page  Eden
Consulting Group is a business
comprised of police officers dedicated to
the training of police K9 handlers. As
working the streets becomes more
dangerous to officers and the citizens we
protect, we must keep abreast of the
most versatile and successful techniques
available to us. Our goal is to provide
those techniques to you and to support
you in providing the most effective and
ethical service possible to your
Scott's Police K-9 Import Services
Welcome to Scott's Police K-9 Import
Services, we are located in Asheboro
North Carolina. We provide pre-tested
and fully trained K-9's for, law
enforcement, Government Militaries,
Federal Agencies, Private K-9 Security
Companies and Citizens protecting their
Home or Business. Our Importers are
certified Master Trainers, Certified Police
K-9 Handlers and are former US Military
Soldiers.  Our K-9's are rigorously tested
before we offer them for sale. Our dogs
are guaranteed for workability, Hips
X-Rayed and inoculated against
communicable diseases and are
guaranteed against genetic health
diseases. We travel to Europe to ensure
that we have the top dogs available in
our kennel. Whatever your needs may
be, from a new Police K9 or a Home
protection dog to protect you and your
family, we have the experience and
training to place you with the right K9.
Every dog is handpicked by one of our
Master Trainers.
RCMP Police Dog Service  The RCMP
Police Dog Service Training Centre is a
national training centre established to
provide suitable training and quality
control in respect to all operational Police
Service Dog teams within the RCMP and
those agencies who have requested and
obtained training at the centre.
Vancouver Police Dog Squad  The
Vancouver Police Dog Squad is well
known internationally and by many is
considered one the finest dog squads to
be found anywhere. Training methods
have been refined throughout the 40
year history. The resulting training
method used is not in the classic
'Schutzhund' style which is common in
shows and competitions. Although some
components are similar, it is neither
realistic, safe or practical for the
unpredictable nature of urban,
street-level policing. Our reputation was
earned by the squad's productivity in
criminal apprehension work, urban
tracking skills, and the quest of
continually improving efficiency in training
and deployment techniques. We recently
accomplished another 'first' in becoming
the first Canadian Police Department to
train dogs as a component of the
Emergency Response Team.
Battle Ridge Kennels & K9 Services  
Police service dogs trained at Battle Ridge
K9 are trained by Professionals with
years of law enforcement experience and
who are current or previous K9 handlers
and administrators. Our trainers have
encountered the same situations on the
street that they are training police service
dogs to encounter. They know by
Castle's K9, Inc. At Castle's K-9 our
four to six and ten week program is
designed to prepare your officer and
canine for everyday life on the street. Our
200-hour four-week program of training
includes classroom training covering over
thirty areas of police dog training. Our
500-page manual will assist your officer
with the classroom studies. Our rigorous
field training exercises are not for the
weak at heart. This is very rigorous
program and your handler must be in top
condition. All handlers must be able to
carry their canine; so being in shape is a
Police K9 Training - Tarheel Canine
Training  As a K9 handler you are asked
to step up when things heat up. Today’s
K9 officer must be well educated and
savvy; they face great demands to be
skilled and tactically sound. At TK9 we do
not insult your intelligence, we ask you to
put it to work. Small classes, hand
selected dogs, and excellent instructors
challenge you to the best of your
abilities, both physically and mentally.
Learning to be a top K9 officer involves
using your mind to understand your dog,
and the scenarios you will find yourself in
on the street.
"As a partner goes, you could never
find a more loyal and courageous
partner than a police dog."
~ Barry M. Baker
At some point during your police career,
you may want to train as a K-9 officer.  If
you're starting your career with that
assignment already in mind, you should
choose a police department that takes a
lot of pride in its K9 Unit.  Unlike other
specialized units where people can pass
in and out without a lot of fanfare, a K9
assignment is entirely different.  You
must be prepared to provide a high level
of commitment in time and energy to
achieve a high level of performance from
both you and your canine partner.  As a
partner goes, you could never find a
more loyal and courageous partner than
a police dog.  However, his level of
performance will depend entirely on the
skills you develop as a trainer and
Badge On My Collar II;
To Serve with Honor
by Marilyn Jeffers Walton.
Police Author Kathy "Kat"
Albrecht is a former police
bloodhound handler, crime
scene investigator, search
and rescue manager, and
police officer turned
investigative pet detective.  
Kat's Website

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While television police
shows and movies are not
normally the best examples
for you to apply to your
police career, they do
sometimes offer some
valuable insights.
The good news is...the
odds of you having to  use
deadly force is low.  The
bad news is...you will be
faced with that decision.