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Air Force
There will always be many self described
intellectuals who constantly serve up unrelenting
criticism of police and military institutions.  These
critics fall into two categories:  In the first category
are the ignorant useful idiots who actually believe
that there is almost never any justification for the
force represented by police and military and even
less justification, if that’s possible, for any actual
use of that force to any degree.  The second
category is composed of the arrogant radical
manipulators who use the first category’s well
meaning ignorance to further their efforts to
consolidate power over all institutions of society
including the police and military.  

While the useful idiots actually believe in absolute
minimization of police and military institutions, the
radical manipulators suffer no such delusion.  They
know that police and military institutions can either
guarantee a society’s exercise of individual
freedoms or they can suppress or eliminate those
freedoms.  It’s not that hard to figure out which
course of history the radical manipulators prefer.

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…” are
words from the Declaration of Independence that
resounded for the Founders, because the Founders
knew those words embodied the best of
everything.  The Founders also knew that power,
and power alone, could either ensure or deny the
individual freedoms that are the essence of life,
liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The question
always was and will always continue to be how to
manage power.  Make no mistake, police and
military institutions are the instruments of ultimate
power and a perfect fit for the definition of
The Air Force Office of Special Investigations
has been the Air Force's major investigative service
since Aug.1, 1948. The agency reports to the
Inspector General, Office of the Secretary of the Air
Force.  OSI provides professional investigative
service to commanders of all Air Force activities. Its
primary responsibilities are criminal investigations
and counterintelligence services.
The United States Air Force Academy Designed
for the future, the United States Air Force Academy
campus boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including
laboratories, observatories and a library containing
over 700,000 volumes. Other landmarks include the
cadet chapel with its seventeen spires that soar 150
feet toward the Colorado sky. Spanning 18,000
spectacular acres nestled against the Rocky
Mountains, the Academy draws thousands of
visitors from around the world each year.  The Air
Force Academy Mission is to educate, train and
inspire men and women to become officers of
character, motivated to lead the United States Air
Force in service to our nation. The Air Force
Academy Vision is to be the Air Force's premier
institution for developing leaders of character.
United States Air Force Reserve - The Air Force
Reserve is an exciting, vibrant part of the nation's
defense. It offers similar benefits afforded by those
on active duty and one more - the benefit of time...
time to be with your family, time to work at your
civilian career and time to serve your country.
U.S. Air Force ROTC - College Scholarships and
Careers - We need all kinds of officers for all sorts
of specialties. It’s important to find out what career
path you’re interested in, so you can see if Air Force
ROTC is a good fit for your educational and career
objectives.  Your choice of study is one decision
that could affect the specialties available to you in
the Air Force. Some educational paths are a natural
fit for certain career paths. For example, the
obvious officer specialty for a criminal justice major
would be Security Forces or Special Investigations.  
As you continue your ROTC advancement, you will
need to think about what particular career fields you
might be interested in (you should always consider
more than one in case you don't get your first
choice). Based on what major you choose in college,
you also need to consider what career fields you
qualify for. Remember, it’s never too early to start
thinking about what you would like to do as an Air
Force officer.
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