By Van Smith
“These communications would include,
but are not limited to, the motive for
settling this matter, a party’s alleged
involvement in the circumstances involved
in this matter, and/or the character,
ability, or reputation of a party,” the
settlement agreement states.

City Paper’s previous coverage of the
Folio case already contains a heavy dose
of such commentary, though the motives
behind the settlement remain shrouded
in secrecy.

Folio, in an e-mail, declined to comment
about the settlement.
Reprinted with permission - © 2006 Baltimore City
Cops Stinging
Fine With Folio
Third article in a series by Van Smith,
Baltimore City Paper
Baltimore police officer Jacqueline Folio
has settled her lawsuit against the
Baltimore Police Department, police
Commissioner Leonard Hamm, and two
former police lawyers, Sean Malone and
Karen Kruger. Folio, who was charged,
tried, and acquitted of perjury charges
that arose from a police sting in which
she was set up to commit a false drug
arrest (“Cop Out,” April 6), filed suit
against the department in April (“Absent
With Cause,” Mobtown Beat, May 11).
She argued that Hamm, Malone, and
Kruger had illegally conspired to remove
her from her job.

Under the settlement, which was
approved by the city Board of Estimates
on Aug. 3, both sides deny any
wrongdoing. Folio, though, appears to
have gotten everything she wanted: a
clean, clear, and amicable retirement,
complete with a well-wishing letter from
Hamm and payment of her attorney’s
fees. (Clarke Ahlers, who represented
Folio, will be paid $17,500 for his efforts.)
Folio’s police file will be purged of all
matters relating to the sting, and she will
be covered by the city for any possible
claims brought by the falsely arrested
party, Leon Burgess.  In return, Folio
must refrain from making any disparaging
comments about Hamm, Malone, and
The series of articles reprinted here
provides a rare and detailed insight into
"cops stinging cops" with everybody getting
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