"Everybody hates authority, and everybody
knows how to do your job better than you."
~ Barry M. Baker
No Man's
Copyright © 2019  Barry M. Baker  
There's a reason why older people look at things
differently from those who are younger... it's called
experience.  I don't regret a single day of my
career; although, it's not a career I'd like to begin
over knowing only what I knew then.  Beginning any
job with no prior experience is difficult, but being a
new police officer is like being in a
no man's land.  
You won't realize it at the time, because... you're
young and inexperienced.  Incredibly, some police
officers never make it out of
no man's land.  More
incredibly, some of those police officers actually
survive while others do not.  Those survivors are
only proof that wisdom does not always grow with

As a new police officer, you're going to be entrusted
with a lot of power.  However, more than ever
before, that power is under scrutiny and... attack.  
A police department is the flash point of any
government, and politicians exercise more active
control over police departments today than in the
past.  Two things are happening:  Police
departments are becoming younger, and political
interference is increasing.  There are two more
things you must never forget:  Everybody hates
authority, and everybody knows how to do your job
better than you.  In any society, there is an
inherent fear and distrust of authority.  It's always
been that way, and it will remain that way forever.

We are fortunate to live in a republic with
democratic institutions; although, a lot of people
seem to forget that without civilian police authority,
the republic and its institutions would cease to
exist.  Setting aside those critics who are
thoughtful and balanced, there's a lot of dangerous
people out there. A lot of them are educated,
financially and politically influential, and they're rabid
police haters.  That's why
no man's land is more
dangerous than ever.