It's all about technology, economics, and
people.  The advocates of gun control
would have you believe that outlawing
guns, or even types of guns, will make us
all safer.  Personally, I hate cell phones.  
The ring tones irritate me, and I find they
make normally rude people even ruder.  
On the other hand, my concealed
handgun doesn't bother anyone, because
no one knows it's there.  I have the
comfort of knowing that I'll have the
means to defend myself if a real crazy
whips out a gun and starts shooting

Of course, the gun controllers would
have you believe that their view of a gun
free world, consisting of denying anyone
the right to concealed carry permits and
even simple gun possession of any kind,
would end gun violence.  However, one
must admit that gun control laws are
very effective in ensuring that police,
criminals, and crazies remain the most
well armed people in the country.  As for
police, most gun control advocates view
the arming of police officers as just a
necessary evil.  It wasn't that long ago
when those same people were appalled
when police departments left the six shot
revolver to history, and they began
arming their officers with higher
ammunition capacity semi-automatic

Here's the truth of the matter.  Just as I
hate cell phones, many people hate
guns.  You say, "Apples and oranges."  
Sure, but people compare apples and
oranges all the time.  Just because I
don't like the way other people use cell
phones doesn't mean I don't use one.  I
carry a cell phone by the same
philosophy I carry my gun…I'll only use it
when I need it.  If I see a man gunning
down people, and I'm not within his line
of fire, I can use my cell phone to call
911.  On the other hand, if that gunman
is bearing down on me, and I have a
choice between my cell phone and my
gun, I'll choose the gun.

I think gun control advocates are scared
to death that without their efforts,
everybody is going to be running around
armed and dangerous.  That simply isn't
the way things work.  While anything can
happen at anytime and anywhere, there
are locations and situations much safer
than others…and obviously so.  Most
people live in the present and the future.
Few look at history and realize that the
world has always been a dangerous
place, and it will always continue to be
dangerous.  When it comes to concealed
carry permits, all the permit holders need
to understand is that if they use their
guns under any circumstances other than
the defense of their own lives, they'll
experience the reality of "lawyer" mob

There's a reason why you go through a
background check before you become a
police officer.  If, by the age of 21, you
haven't engaged in criminal conduct, it's
unlikely that you will in the future.  Of
course, everything isn't perfect.  Too
many police departments have liberalized
their views toward past drug use and
other "minor" criminal conduct.  So…now
you have situations wherein a person
with past criminal behavior can be hired
as a police officer while a person with no
past criminal behavior will be denied a
concealed carry permit.  It doesn't make
a lot of sense, but then, most liberal
views don't.
No…you'll have plenty of real gun control
issues to keep your mind occupied.  
Fortunately, there are a lot of intelligent
and reasonable people out there to fight
the public gun control fight.  True, you
see a lot of police chiefs supporting gun
control advocates, but most police chiefs
are politicians first and police second.
As a police officer, you shouldn't lose any
sleep over gun control.  You'll soon learn
how rarely criminals are prosecuted for
violating gun laws.  When a criminal is
prosecuted for a gun violation, it will likely
be the only charge.  Even upon
conviction, the sentence rarely amounts
to much.  When the gun violation is only
one of several charges, that gun charge
is usually a throw away card for the
prosecution during the deal making
"As a police officer, the only kind of
gun control that you should care
about is your personal control of
your own weapon." ~ Barry M. Baker
Not that long ago, if you saw a man or
woman walking all alone, waving their
arms, and talking to someone who
obviously wasn't there, you'd think that
person was crazy.  Today, the sight is
more than common.  As long as that cell
phone clipped to his or her ear isn't
concealed by hair or head wear, you can
quickly distinguish the crazies from the
rest of us…well, maybe.  As technology
progresses, that cell phone will fit inside
the ear, and the crazies will simply blend
in with the rest of us.
Expert on Domestic
Gun Control issues
As a police officer, the only kind of gun
control that you should care about is
your personal control of your own
weapon.  Technology is a wonderful
thing.  The higher capacity of the semi-
automatic pistol makes the stressful
reloading process extremely easier and
better yet…less likely.  But…the real
advance for your safety has been in
holster technology.  In the days of the
revolver, the holsters were terrible.  The
gun was secured in the holster by a
simple leather strap over the hammer.  In
those days, there was an unmistakable
sound that you always dreaded hearing.  
When you got into a physical struggle
with a suspect, you often heard that
sound.  It didn't matter what kind of
ground you were standing on, for you
always recognized the sound of your
revolver hitting the ground.  Now you
had to worry about controlling your
suspect and look for your gun at the
same time.
Police and
Gun Control
Copyright © 2017  Barry M. Baker