and Politics
...preferred targets for sexual scandal

In today's society, men can no longer claim a
monopoly on most formerly male dominated areas
of society…except one, of course.  Men are, and will
remain to be, the preferred targets for sexual
scandal.  Through no fault of their own, men still
comprise 80 to 90% of the nation's police officers,
and their suitability for sexual scandal fodder will
not diminish.

Here's a real irony.  Compared to today, past
generations could be described as puritanical in their
views toward sex; however, police officers of past
generations were never in the jeopardy you'll
experience for having your sexual conduct
examined and exploited for any number of reasons:
First reason: You're a man.

Second Reason: Radical feminism, combined with
political correctness, has become a political force,
and men are the enemy.

Third Reason: You're a man, and a police officer—
it doesn't get any worse.

...target rich environment

By far, the most entertaining and sought after,
sexual scandals involve people who will be most
damaged by scandal.  The high value target for this
type of scandal is the politician.  Religious leaders
are a close second.  But… the most target rich
environment for sexual scandals is police officers.  
It's just simple math, there are a lot more of you
comprised of people who are just as imperfect as
anyone else.

...something new and fresh

The absolute explosion in information technology,
the Internet and cable television, has made news
the new news.  The competition is huge and fierce.  
It's only natural that something as interesting as
sex would be pursued to even greater lengths.  
When it comes to sex, something new and fresh is
usually desirable, so the scandal hunters went after
a new target… older women who seduce adolescent
boys—preferably school teachers, and the prettier
the better.  Even after discovering that the
occurrences of such seductions was in ample
supply, the news coverage of the "perp" walks and
court appearances remain the almost exclusive
domains of the… pretty pedofiles.  In their search
for sexy seductresses, the media even expanded
their search to the pretty school teachers who
seduce young men who are legal… but, barely legal.

Talk about sexist.  Even after exploiting society's
general preference for pretty women, the media
exploits the mostly benign treatment of the pretty
pedofile by the criminal justice system by asking…
why?  Like anyone doesn't know.  Not a problem
though—news is news—and the more sex the
better.  The final outcome of any sex scandal is
rarely of interest since the salacious parts have
already been exhausted.  Besides, once the side
shows are used up, there's still plenty of pols;
preachers, and cops.
...voracious appetite

Any sex crime committed by a police officer is a big
deal, and, unfortunately, every one that occurs is
one too many.  However, society's voracious
appetite for anything about sex keeps the media in
high gear in its search for sexual scandal.  While the
so called mainstream media always denies engaging
in sensationalism and catering to society's prurient
interests, you'll find none that will ignore the sexual
missteps of police officers.

...other people and sex

As a young man today, it's safe to say that you've
grown up in a social environment that's been pretty
open regarding sex.  There's no question that more
young people are experiencing more sexual contact
more frequently than past generations.  Well...now,
put all that liberal sex nonsense behind you,
because you're about to become a police officer.

Have you ever stopped to think about how
immersed we are in the subject of sex.  Sexual
connotations are attached to just about
everything.  While some sexual references are
overt, others are subtle…but they're always there.

Something else that should be just as obvious is
how hypocritical most people become when it comes
other people and sex.  While it's safe to say that
people think a lot about sex; although, most won't
admit it, there is one thing that seems to excite
people's voyeuristic tendencies more than anything

...high entertainment

Society is pretty forgiving of sexual scandals when
they involve celebrities prone to sexual excess.  In
fact, in most cases, it's expected, and those so
called scandals are actually viewed and treated as
high entertainment.

Those same celebrities will go on with their careers.  
In some cases their careers will even be enhanced
by scandal.  Just remember, as a police officer,
you're no celebrity, and you don't want to become
...easy to avoid

Bad Sexual Conduct is Purely a State of Mind.

You only have one head containing a brain…use it!

When it comes to sex, men are stupid.  Some men
learn as they get older; some never learn; some are
just lucky while others pay a high price for their
stupidity.  Nearly all men share one major mistake
in common.  Their primal instinct blinds them to the
fact that the woman is in control of determining any
occurrence of sexual contact as well as its
aftermath.  When the circumstances of sexual
contact are susceptible to scandal, your decision—
or at least what you think is your decision—to
complete the contact will deny you any control of its
scandalous consequences.

It's really quite easy to avoid becoming a victim of
career ending sexual misconduct and scandal.  You
simply put your sex drive on hold when it's
appropriate to do so.  As a police officer, it's as
simple as breathing to recognize this definition of
This guy didn't have a chance - At age 39, after a
successful career with the New York City Police
Department, Ed Norris became Baltimore's Police
Commissioner.  Norris achieved celebrity status with
the local media, and he moved on to become the
Superintendent of the Maryland State Police.  
Norris's world turned upside down when he was
indicted by a Federal Grand Jury for misusing police
department funds for "personal expenses."  
But...that wasn't what made the real scandal.  The
personal expenses included "those stemming from
adulterous affairs with several women."
Sexual Stress
and the Male
Police Officer
"Sexual connotations are attached to just
about everything.  While some sexual
references are overt, others are subtle…but
they're always there." ~ Barry M. Baker
Sometimes...police departments engage in some
really stupid practices.  If you're ever directed to do
something that sounds outrageous...it probably is.  
From time to time, you'll see a story where a police
department has sanctioned the participation by
police officers to engage in sexual acts to establish
probable cause to pursue prosecution.

Think about it - would you inject heroin or smoke
crack cocaine to establish probable cause for a drug
case?  Would you provide a criminal with a gun to
get probable cause for a weapons' charge?  Oops...
that one's been done too.  Remember the Federal
Fast and Furious scandal.  It just
proves by point.  If it sounds stupid, it probably is
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