Engility  Engility was launched in 2012 as an
independent company made up of leading
businesses within L-3's Government Services
segments: including MPRI, Command & Control
Systems and Software (C2S2), Global Security &
Engineering Solutions (GS&ES), Linguist Operations
& Technical Support (LOTS) and Engility
Corporation and International Resources Group
Constellis Group Constellis Group comprises a
family of companies providing complementary
security, support, training and advisory services to
governments, multinational corporations and
international organizations working in challenging
environments worldwide.
Dynamics Research Corporation, a publicly held
company, is headquartered in Andover,
Massachusetts. DRC's primary mission is to deliver
solutions and services to federal, state, and local
AEGIS is a London based, privately owned, British
security and risk management company with
overseas offices in Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iraq and
the USA.
DynCorp International is a multifaceted, global
enterprise that provides innovative solutions to the
diverse technology and professional services needs
of government and commercial industry worldwide.
Erinys International can provide a global personal
protection service, indigenous or expatriate,
encompassing overt high threat environments
through to more covert scenarios requiring tact and
Evergreen International Aviation, Inc Based in
McMinnville, Oregon, Evergreen International
Aviation, Inc. is a privately held global aviation
services company that is active through several
subsidiary companies.  Evergreen is recognized as a
world leader in air freight and aviation services with
a broad base of customers including other air
carriers, aviation companies and governmental
KBR  Not only is KBR the largest contractor for the
United States Army and a top-ten contractor for
the U.S. Department of Defense, it is currently the
world's largest defense services provider.  
MVM Inc  Founded in 1979, MVM has a 29 year
history of effectively supporting Military, Law
Enforcement and commercial clients. Over the past
14 months MVM has been awarded over $1 billion in
contracts in new and existing markets.
Northbridge Services Group specialises in
providing highly confidential and effective security
related services designed to address the needs of
Governments, Multi-National Corporations, Non
Governmental Organisations, the Corporate Sector
and Prominent Individuals.
Tier 1 Group (T1G) has the proven capability to
consistently provide exceptionally reviewed training
solutions to top tier corporate, military and other
government agencies.
Triple Canopy, an integrated security solutions
company, mitigates risk and develops
comprehensive security programs for government
agencies, private corporations and
non-governmental organizations working in
high-risk environments across the globe.  
Private military contractors now come in all forms
from providing muzzle to muzzle security to
providing high tech solutions for communications,
logistical and transportation services and  risk
management assessments.  As far as politicians go,
any talk of banning private military contractors is
just a lot of smoke without the mirrors.  The need
for security related services will only grow in a world
of rising population, technology and threats.

I've provided you with a list of links to private
military contractor websites to give you quick
reference to the services and careers provided by
some of these firms:   
AirScan was founded in 1989 to provide
state-of-the-art airborne surveillance and security
services to U.S. government and private sector
ACADEMI is an elite security services provider.
Private Military
"While the Hessians are commonly referred to
as mercenaries, most were conscripted into
service rather than being paid for their
service." ~ Barry M. Baker
During the 2008 presidential primaries, presidential
candidate Senator Hillary Clinton introduced
legislation to ban the use of private military firms in
Iraq.  Barack Obama retained his standard enigma
status by simply saying that he would not "rule out"
the use of private military firms.

One of the best ways you can prepare yourself for a
police career is to develop an interest in politics, and
– most importantly – listen to what politicians say.  
Now, understand I didn't say believe what politicians
say, I just said listen to what they say.  It's an
excellent exercise in separating fact from fiction
which will become a perpetual exercise you'll
continue during your police career.
Long before nations, in any form, maintained
standing armies, kings and warlords conscripted or
hired people to fight for them.  A quarter of the
British force in the colonies during the American
Revolutionary War were Hessian troops.  While the
Hessians are commonly referred to as mercenaries,
most were conscripted into service rather than
being paid for their service.  The payment for their
services went to the kings who conscripted them
and the commanders who led them.

The dictionary definition of the noun mercenary is,
"a professional soldier serving in a foreign army for
pay."  Aside from the definition being in conflict with
many military related operations over history, the
word mercenary has simply become politically
incorrect in today's politically correct environment.  
While the definition could still apply to some private
military operations today, the activities of today's
modern private military contractors have evolved
well beyond a soldier fighting for pay.  

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