"The problem in defense is how far you
can go without destroying from within
what you are trying to defend from
 ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower
"Demoralize the enemy from within by
surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination.
This is the war of the future."
~Adolf Hitler
"When you're dealing with criminals, the
success of your diplomatic efforts will rest
solely upon the criminals' perception of your
ability to effectively apply force."
~ Barry M. Baker
As a new police officer, you're going to encounter all
kinds of people.  The way you interact with people
will have a great deal to do with the level of success
you achieve during your career.

While you'll be indoctrinated with a considerable
amount of propaganda regarding your role in
non-enforcement aspects of law enforcement, you
must never lose sight of the primary reason for
your being... that pistol you wear on your hip
should be an obvious and constant reminder.

Many of those people you encounter believe you
have way too much power, and, in fact, they see
very little need for you and your services.  These
are the same people who believe that the
maintenance of their country's military force is a
waste of resources that would be better used in
pursuit of goals identified by them.
As with the military, when it comes to your use of
force, those people will be the first to criticize and
condemn your actions with little, if any, knowledge
or understanding of the circumstances requiring the
use of force.

You'll learn that interacting with these self styled
social behavioral experts is much more difficult than
dealing with criminals.  Criminals, whether they act
individually, or they form the leadership of a rogue
state, all understand and are influenced by two
things...the threat of force, and the use of force.

While your intellectual betters will insist that your
powers be restrained or eliminated where ever
possible, you'll learn they are very quick to exercise
power against you.  Their power rests in their
utilization of laws, lawyers, courts and media.  It
should be no surprise to anyone that laws, lawyers,
courts and media exist only because the people with
the guns ensure the social environment wherein the
rule of law can function.
When it comes to the interaction among nations,
you hear a lot about diplomacy and statesmanship.  
As a police officer, you'll be practicing diplomacy
every day of your career.  When you're dealing with
criminals, the success of your diplomatic efforts will
rest solely upon the criminals' perception of your
ability to effectively apply force.

When nations are in disagreement, alliances
frequently make the use of force problematic even if
force is justified. You may well encounter similar
situations where your power of arrest is impeded by
organized resistance to the enforcement of laws
some people determine to be unconstitutional.  The
most frequent organized resistance is usually
directed toward laws against minor offenses,  For
example, some believe that a panhandler should
have the right to repeatedly ask you for money.  
When your refusal elicits a litany of obscenities from
the panhandler, that's okay...he's just exercising
his freedom of speech.

You should always limit your diplomatic efforts to
criminals, because it's simply a wasted effort on
those who already know everything.  Like the
military, you should always let those who do
support you argue with those who have little, or no,
capacity for logical rationalization.
In a nation where power is centralized and absolute,
you'll find few people openly criticising that nation's
military or law enforcement.  You should always
remember that the irritation you suffer at the hands
of critics, no matter how irrational or ridiculous their
criticisms may be, is your contribution to ensuring
their right to criticize.

While every reasonable person would love to see an
end to war, crime, and violence, no one has yet
figured out a way to accomplish those goals.  It
should be obvious that democratic government is
the logical course to pursue in ending nation
warfare.  As for crime and violence, rational people
realize that a nation's criminal justice system is the
only effective means to control violent and unlawful
social behavior.
Does this sound familiar.  While Adolf Hitler was one
evil madman, he got this one right.  It is the future,
and we are experiencing a new face of warfare.

One should never forget that Adolf Hitler rose to
power through a democratic process only to
subvert it into dictatorship.  When one understands
that politics, no matter in what form practiced, is all
about power, one can begin to understand why
nations go to war and people commit acts of

Power does indeed corrupt.  As a police officer,
you'll have a great deal of power.  Your biggest
contribution to society will be in denying your critics
victory by your misuse of that power.

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