Daniel Pipes is director of the Middle East
Forum and a prize-winning columnist.
Domestically, he appears in the New York
Sun and the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin.
Abroad, he appears in Israel’s Jerusalem
Post, Italy’s L’Opinione, Spain’s La
Razón, the Australian, and Canada’s
Globe and Mail.

The Wall Street Journal calls Mr. Pipes “an
authoritative commentator on the Middle
East.” CBS Sunday Morning says he was
“years ahead of the curve in identifying
the threat of radical Islam.” “Unnoticed by
most Westerners,” he wrote for example
in 1995, “war has been unilaterally
declared on Europe and the United
States.” The Boston Globe states that “If
Pipes's admonitions had been heeded,
there might never have been a 9/11.”
Daniel Pipes
Middle East Expert
Daniel Pipes
Obama's Iran Deal Has
the Makings of a

by Daniel Pipes  •  July 14, 2015  •  
National Review Online
Barack Obama has repeatedly signaled
during the past six and a half years that
that his No. 1 priority in foreign affairs is
not China, not Russia, not Mexico, but
Iran. He wants to bring Iran in from the
cold, to transform the Islamic Republic
into just another normal member of the
so-called international community, ending
decades of its aggression and hostility.

In itself, this is a worthy goal; it's always
good policy to reduce the number of
enemies. (It brings to mind Nixon going
to China.) The problem lies, of course, in
the execution.

The conduct of the Iran nuclear
negotiations has been wretched, with the
Obama administration inconsistent,
capitulating, exaggerating, and even
deceitful. It forcefully demanded certain
terms, then soon after conceded these
same terms. Secretary of State John
Kerry implausibly announced that we
have "absolute knowledge" of what the
Iranians have done until now in their
nuclear program and therefore have no
need for inspections to form a baseline.
How can any adult, much less a high
official, make such a statement?

The administration misled Americans
about its own concessions: After the
November 2013 Joint Plan of Action, it
came out with a factsheet which Tehran
said was inaccurate. Guess who was
right? The Iranians. In brief, the U.S.
government has shown itself deeply
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