Quick-thinking, tremendously controlled and highly
adaptable, police officers see their work as an on-
going professional and personal challenge, to be
met with gusto and initiative. This life approach
integrates deeply, making them keen competitors,
able teammates and steadfast friends.

Innovative and insightful, police officers develop
uniquely personalized coping techniques to manage
the rigors of police work, keeping goals attainable
and rewards self-defined. Establishing a solid
personal identity that translates smoothly from 'on
their beat 'to' in their home is all-important to an
officer—enabling the core of their personality to
remain strong for the demands of their duties and
for the needs of their loved ones.

Punishing, brutal and raw, the events officers are
required to control and resolve define a human
reality whose existence is not lessened because an
officer goes off duty. Knowing that their daily battle
is but one step in a continuing war, officers believe
that their battle is just and honorable—and worth
returning to.

Perils abound in the life of a police officer, yet those
that make the choice to enforce the law accept
those perils and perceive them as an opportunity
for courage; and an opportunity for courage defines
life behind a badge.
by George M. Godoy
Becoming A Cop
The Blue And You
A police officer's world is populated by unsavory
characters, regulated by laws, regulations and
policies, and powered by spikes of adrenalin. A
police officer's life is a balance between work and
home, like every working person, but an officer's
work is more than just their job—it is also who they

The uniform, badge and gear may come off when an
officer reaches home, but the authority, sense of
duty and commitment to community can never be
laid aside. The training and dedication every officer
carries with them is, and must be, ready to be put
into action at a moment's notice — whether the
officer is on duty or at home sipping a cool drink
and grilling steaks.

Police officers operate in black and white, good and
bad parameters—a necessary environment for their
exacting duties. Enforcing laws and abiding by
regulations leaves no room for errors, yet every
officer is asked to find the pinpoint balance of
judgment that enforces exactly, but also addresses
the greatest good. Officers' mental and physical
resources are finite, but their desire to achieve is
infinite. This desire transforms stressors that would
disable many into opportunities to excel.
Sergeant George Godoy (Ret.) is a 22 year police
veteran.  During his police career, Sergeant Godoy
served for 5 years as a police recruitment specialist
where he personally tested over 1,000 potential
police recruits.
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