by George M. Godoy
Police Test Tips
Timing As A Factor
The more you do something, the easier it becomes.
It's that simple.  In order to grasp the police written
test you must take practice tests.  Not only will you
begin to feel comfortable with the police test itself
but you will reduce that gnawing test taking anxiety
that fills us all. Locate police practice tests and take
them. You can duplicate an actual test situation by
setting a time limit for yourself. The importance of
time management in test taking is paramount.
Know how much time you have to answer each
question. Good test takers know this.

Before answering any questions they scan the
specific test. They determine how many questions
are on the test so they can set a preferred pace. By
setting a pre-determined pace successful test
takers take control, budget their time wisely and
improve the odds of a higher score.

Divide your time. Know where you should be at the
1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 part of the test. By setting a pace
for yourself you will stay on a time schedule.  Check
your progress as you go.  Remember to leave
yourself some time at the end to go back and
complete unanswered questions and recheck your

Going into the police test aware of this potential
obstacle can make the difference between success
and failure. Knowing how much time you have on
the written test, and taking a variety of police
practice tests prior to taking the actual test can lead
you to a rewarding career in law enforcement.
Sergeant George Godoy (Ret.) is a 22 year police
veteran.  During his police career, Sergeant Godoy
served for 5 years as a police recruitment specialist
where he personally tested over 1,000 potential
police recruits.
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