Compassionate Cops
A recurring theme in police television
dramas is the compassion shown by
police officers toward victims and others
with whom they come into contact.  
There’s nothing wrong with a police
officer showing compassion or having
empathy with others – just as long as
it’s not overdone.

When it comes to television, it usually is
overdone.  In reality, a police officer has
to guard against becoming too intimate
with other peoples’ problems.  For
example, in a police show, a detective
may take a runaway teenager home to
avoiding placing the kid into an
overcrowded juvenile justice system.  If
you were to do something similar, you
could very well find yourself under
investigation or even indicted for any
number of allegations.
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Police Television Shows
Past and Present
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Of course, the television cops have plenty
of relationship problems of their own that
affect their on duty behavior.  When this
occurs, other police officers and
supervisors go way out of their way to
accommodate the officer with problems.  
Again – there’s reality.  It’s not like it use
to be.  Current political correctness has
made it very difficult to informally address
personal problem issues within the

You’re going to work with police officers
who think you need to be accepting of
their personal issues even if those issues
negatively affect their work performance.  
There’s not a whole lot you’ll be able to
do to change their attitudes.  The thing
on which you should concentrate is not
becoming one of those officers.
by Barry M. Baker

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Police Shows
Becoming a Police Officer
An Insider's Guide to a Career
in Law Enforcement
Cops (stylized as COPS) is an American
documentary / reality legal series that follows
police officers, constables, sheriff's deputies,
federal agents and state troopers during
patrols and other police activities including
prostitution and narcotics stings. It is one of
the longest-running television programs in the
United States and, as of May 2011, the
longest-running show on Fox, following the
cancellation of America's Most Wanted after 23
This is a list of police television programs.
Dramas involving police procedural work, and
private detectives, secret agents, and the
justice system have been a mainstay of
broadcast television since the early days of
broadcasting. Shows that are not dramatic
programming are indicated (e.g. reality
television, comedy or comedy-drama).
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