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Workplace Relationships
Police television dramas also include the
romantic relationships that occur on the
job.  This occurrence isn’t unusual in any
profession or occupation.  It’s been
going on forever.  However, in today’s
environment, the romantic involvement
between two police officers could easily
cause a third police officer to file a sexual
harassment complaint alleging a hostile
work environment.

Police work is unique.  For example, two
romantically involved police officers
working in the same squad could cause
one or the other to act hastily if one
perceives the other to be in danger.  
When I was a patrol officer, an officer
who worked in the district carried a
second radio to monitor the adjoining
district so he could respond to calls
assigned to his romantic interest.
Police Television Shows
Past and Present
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by Barry M. Baker
Generally, romantic relationships used to
be of little or no interest to the police
organization.  Times do change, and
today you’ll probably be required to
report the development of such a
relationship to your supervisor.  Failure
to make such a report could result in
disciplinary action up to and including
termination of your employment.

If you should find yourself in a romantic
relationship with a coworker, just follow
the rules that are in place.  Most
importantly, keep any issues involving
the relationship at home and out of the

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Police Shows
Becoming a Police Officer
An Insider's Guide to a Career
in Law Enforcement
Cops (stylized as COPS) is an American
documentary / reality legal series that follows
police officers, constables, sheriff's deputies,
federal agents and state troopers during
patrols and other police activities including
prostitution and narcotics stings. It is one of
the longest-running television programs in the
United States and, as of May 2011, the
longest-running show on Fox, following the
cancellation of America's Most Wanted after 23
This is a list of police television programs.
Dramas involving police procedural work, and
private detectives, secret agents, and the
justice system have been a mainstay of
broadcast television since the early days of
broadcasting. Shows that are not dramatic
programming are indicated (e.g. reality
television, comedy or comedy-drama).
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