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Becoming a Police Officer
An Insider's Guide to a Career in
Law Enforcement
Sample Chapters
17 self-help articles to
aid you in the police
hiring process
Becoming a Detective, Chain of
Command, Civilian Review Board,
Concealed Carry Law for Cops,
Corruption,  Disciplinary Processes,
Double Jeopardy, Education,
Fairness, Falsely Accused, Field
Training Officer, Foot Patrol, Gun
Control, Information Technology,
In-Service Training, Overtime Pay,
Performance Evaluation Report, Police
Cars, Politics, Promotions, Polygraph,
Public Image, Radio Etiquette, Rank
Insignias, Rank Structure, Rule of
Law, Salaries and Benefits, Service
Pistols, Statistics, Traffic Stops,
Undercover Cops,
Why Some Die... more
911 Nightmare, Case Folders, Child
Abuse, Confusion Over UCR,
Debriefing Arrests, DNA,
Downgrading Crime, Importance of
Crime Reports, Psychology of
Downgrading, Quality Control
Challenge, UCR and Prosecution,
Drugs-CDS, Eyewitness, False
Reports, Hate Crimes, Missing
Persons, Photo Line-up, Plea Bargain,
Police Report Writing, Administrative
Report, Arrest Report, Follow-up
Report, Homicide Report, Juvenile
Custody Report, Misc Incident
Report, Rape Report, Report
Narrative, Software, Use of Force
Report, Writing Skills, Profiling,
Sexual Assaults, Uncooperative
Victims, Under-reported Sex Crimes,
Unfounded Reports, Victim
Back-up Gun (BUG), Contagious
Shooting, Everybody’s an Expert,
Female Cops and Force, Nobody’s
Perfect, Police Brutality, Power of
Arrest, Prisoner Retention, Scott v.
Harris, Shooting Scenario, Shooting
Dogs, Shoot Me, Shots Fired, SWAT,
Use of Force-Taser
Alcohol and Stress, Conflict
Resolution, Domestic Violence,
Money and Stress, ObamaGates[s],
Organizational Stress, Personal
Associations, Personal Crisis
Industry, Physical Fitness, Police
Stress Resource Links, Prejudice and
Stress, Sexual Stress-Female Police
Officer, Sexual Stress-Male Police
Officer, Shooting People, Thinking
Out of the Box, Too Much
Bombs and Bomb Treats, Cops-Pols-
Media-Terrorists, Counterterrorism
Analysis, Homeland Security Press
Releases, Illegal Immigration,
Intelligence Collection, LE Intel-
Counterterrorism, Military to Private
Sector, Money Laundering, Private
Military Contractors, Seal Teams,
Secrets in the Open, Securing
America’s Border, Terrorism
Resource Links, Terrorist v. Criminal,
Torture, Virtual Worlds Intelligence,
War, Worldwide Terrorism
Aviation, Bicycle Cops, Body Armor,
Civil Liability, Employment, Federal LE
Careers, Fourth Amendment,
Fraternal Order of Police, K-9
Training, Magazines and Publications,
Marine Patrol, Miranda Warning,
Motorcycle Police, Mounted Police,
National Archive CJ Data, National CJ
Reference Service, Online Criminal
Justice Degrees, Paramedics,
Probable Cause, Police Abuse
Websites, Reasonable Suspicion,
Sexual Harassment, Traffic Accident
Investigation, Training Commissions
(POST), Uniform Crime Reports
(FBI), United States Military
Police Officer Entrance Exam-What
You Should Know, Police Officer
Jobs-How to Get Hired Faster, Why
Police Employment May Be For You,
Becoming A Cop-The Blue And You,
The Police Test-Techniques For Top
Scores, Police Officer Test Tips To
Jump Start Your Career, Police Test
Tips-Timing As A Factor, Police
Polygraph Exam Tips, Police Oral
Interview Preparation, How To
Become A Police Officer, Police
Polygraph Questions, Police Oral
Boards-Use of Force Continuum,
Police Exam-The Police Physical Ability
Test, Seven Strategies-Reading
Comprehension, The Police Officer
Exam-Tips For Success, Police
Exam-How to Think Like A Police
Officer, Oral Board Interview-From
Stress To Success
Police Test Preparation, Federal Test
Preparation, Criminal Justice Careers,
Deadly Force, Ethics, Families, FBI,
Forensics, Military, Patrol, Police
Stories, Report Writing, Secret
Service, Stress, Tactical, Technology,
Terrorism, Weight loss Diet Books,
Weight Training, Women
There are a lot of current, retired, or
former police officers turned authors
who have their own websites, but
those sites are not easily found
you know where to look for them.

I've found nearly 150 of those
websites, and I've linked them
here at CareerPoliceOfficer.com.
The Influence of Television, A Lot of
Realism… but not really, The CSI
Phenomenon, Cop Shows Can Be
Educational, Breaking the Rules, Less
Destruction Equals More Realism, Hi-
Tech Information, Compassionate
Cops, Workplace Relationships
International Police Agencies, Criminal
Justice Universities, Daniel Pipes,
John R. Lott, Raymond E. Foster,
United States Constitution,
Women-Unmarked Police Cars and
Traffic Stops, A High School Lesson
and links to all
branches of the
United States
Becoming a Police Officer
An Insider's Guide to a Career
in Law Enforcement
Copyright © 2021  
Barry M. Baker  

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